Hermes vintage Scarf

I have always loved wearing a scarf and for many years the silk (or rayon) square was the perfect accessory with many an outfit. There was somewhat of a scarf wearing lull and then the longer wrap it around twice became popular. I had a couple of Richard Allan’s, but mostly designs I just liked along  a couple of designer copies.

More recently I have become aware of the silk square once again, perhaps my love of charity shops, or the car boot sale has helped this!  Or it maybe that the idea of a vintage silk square would add to any jeans and white t-shirt.  This was further helped by a clear out of a cupboard at the top of the stairs this weekend….. My step grandmother has passed away in the last 3-4 years and I was given the bag of scarves she had to use to make cushions… more of that to come…. so  as every other great idea I have it takes a while to become a reality!   You know what I mean…too many ideas/not enough time kind of thing!

Rummaging through this treasure bag there was most definitely a couple of scarves that will wing their way to the charity shop, others that will definitely be fabulous as cushion cover fronts but also a Hermes vintage Scarf…..

How do I know this you ask?  well with any little treasure you think you may have the internet is wonderful… and so here it is … I am really quite sure it is not a copy mostly by its feel and what I have read about it and timing etc and of course knowing the lady who once owned it.  Please take the time to read about Hermes scarves and their history….
Les Coupes HERMES Silk Scarf,  feature a bold modernist theme of carriages. A unique work of art by renowned Hermes designer Franoise de la Perrire was initially issued in 1971. . Hand rolled hems.  It was produced in many colourways and is popular on the market…

And so having read and read I feel privileged to have the opportunity to wear this with the jeans and white T!!!