Creating a Memorable Yet Inexpensive Holiday Getaway – 5 useful tips

Christmas is widely celebrated around the world, but how people spend theirs differ in a lot of ways. Some choose to spend their holidays just at home while others will go for a vacation. Some prefer it simple while many others would go out of their way just to have a grand celebration.

Whichever the case, much of the success depends on planning. This article will tackle some basic steps to help you plan a memorable yet inexpensive Christmas getaway should you choose this option.


Keep it within driving distance

If you’d base it on your real-time calendar, now isn’t the ideal time to plan a trip abroad. The plain tickets and hotel rates may have spiked already because of the demand, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pack your bags and leave your home. Your best option is to go somewhere within driving distance. Research – ask a friend, check forums, Google the best places to visit near you. Write a short list in your mum planner or any journal that you have and then discuss the options with your family or whoever you want for company. Who knows you’re just about to discover your city’s (or neighboring city’s) hidden gems?


Split expenses

Of course, you want to be generous, but if your budget is tight, it will do no harm if you ask your companions to split expenses. This is particularly applicable among friends who want to catch up during the holidays. If your best friend shoulders the accommodation, then take the initiative to pay for the gas. Alleviate the expenses and everyone will enjoy the trip better.


Look for deals

Alright, so you finally know where to go. The next step is for you to look for deals the place has to offer. Check out local markets. Most cities host events such as holiday bazaars, trade fares, and most companies offer group discounts and bargains around this time of the year so make sure to include this pointer written down in the To-Do section of your planner inserts. You don’t want to miss a possible free entrance to the amusement park just because you forgot your assignment!


Commit less to buying

With all the possible deals, you may find it hard not to purchase a souvenir. A few here and there is reasonable, but don’t get pressured just because the advertisement seemed too good to pass. If you have kids, teach them the greater joy and value one gets from experiences rather than material things. The trip itself is the main gift. Isn’t it the best gift ever if you spend it together with lots of good times and laughter? Surely it is!


Make memories & take lots of pictures

Time flies by so fast and before you know it, your holiday vacation is over! Make the most out of your downtime making memories. Sing and dance together, make bonfires and have as much s’mores as you like. Share stories, drink wine, sleep late, wake up late, ride that carousel, make that snowman, etc.! Those simple joys are what you’ll look back time and time again so don’t forget to take lots of pictures and capture those moments. Follow these simple tips and you’ll be able to create a holiday vacation that you will never forget!